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Summer Camps

Summer Camps are coming to Idle Creek!

Are you looking for a fun, educational way to keep your kids entertained, learning and moving this summer?

We're thrilled to announce that the farm will be offering a new program, focusing on animal and garden education

Children will get hands-on experience with our farm animals and helping care for them, as well as the opportunity to help care for our garden.

In addition to learning, they'll be able to enjoy crafts, STEM projects and games related to that week's topic.

How It Works

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Each week during the summer, we'll focus on a different learning topic related to farm life:
1. Growing Your Own Food

2. Goats
3. Flower Gardening
4. Chickens and Ducks
5. Composting
6. Rabbits
7. Growing Herbs
8. Horses and Donkeys
9. Garden Eco-Systems
10. Pigs

Parents may register their children for one or more weeks of camp, each week will be unique!

We'll start out each day by caring for the animals and garden on the farm, before diving into fun, hands-on learning projects, crafts and games.

Children will need to bring a sack lunch and can eat and play with their friends, before going home.


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Farm Camp will be held from June 3 to August 8.

We'll meet on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9am-1pm

Ages 5-12 (Five year olds must have completed kindergarten)

Cost: $165/wk
Sibling discount: 20%
Multi-week discount: 5% per week when booking more than one (that means if you do all 10 weeks, you'll save 50%!)

Weekly payment plans are available for multi-week students.

Class sizes are limited. Fill out the form below to reserve your child's spot today.

Please note: For us to ensure the best experience for everyone involved, we will only hold camp on weeks that have at least 5 students enrolled in camp.

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